STEAM is for ME

A personal guide to promote self-efficacy in STEAM activities

Artifacts addressed to 10-14-year-old teens

These artifacts are directly addressed to target 10-14-year-old kids and show them in a variety of ways (by mirroring others, by comparing with equals, by becoming informed, by providing authentic experiences of success in STEM…) why they can be good in STEM, even if they did not think it. The rationale behind this collection is the belief and intuition that teens’ empowerment and agency needs to be tackled directly, as teens are a powerful and the most important actor in the educational scenario.

  • Videos addressed to teens

These videos are aimed at inform, empower and motivate 10-14-year-old teens. The videos are based on different teens’ experiences in STEAM activities, and video-graphic reports of STEM professionals that at some point have doubts about their capacities to participate in STEM activities.

  • Collection of STEAM Cards

STEAM cards are a resource for teens to use their STEM knowledge in different and everyday contexts, and are aimed to provide different opportunities to make teens feel capable and successful of using STEM in their lives.

  • Games & Media resources

These two resources are aimed at raising teens’ self-efficacy by mirroring others, comparing with equals and becoming informed. The collection of pictures are aimed to break the stereotypical and negative associations of STEM by displaying a diversity of settings in which STEAM can be carried out. The table game provide a unique opportunity to develop the collective self-efficacy of the classroom or teens group, as an strategy to raise individual self-efficacy.

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