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STEAM is for ME

The role of self-efficacy in STEAM

STEM stance is the way a person thinks about STEM-related activities (Science, Technology, Engineer and Mathematics), content, careers… especially expressed in a publicly stated opinion.

STEM stance has been traditionally approached in the literature through different angles which are:

  • Interest in STEM
  • Aspirations in STEM
  • Identify
  • Capacity in STEM

In recent years, research has started to pay attention to a new construct, self-efficacy in STEM. This construct allows to re-conceptualize the internal processes that lead to young people to express a particular STEM stance and to consider different new strategies that can be useful for changing the positioning of young people for STEM.

People’s beliefs concerning their efficacy can be developed by different main forms of influence. Some of these forms of influence, which we call strategies, have been described in the literature and are relevant for educational contexts. These strategies can be grouped into:

  • Strategies directly targeting the subject of the action
  • Strategies targeting the guidelines or rules of the action regulating the activity
  • Strategies targeting the learning goals at which the activity is directed (object of the activity)
  • Strategies targeting the way tasks are divided up
  • Strategies targeting individuals or groups other than the subject (community involved in the activity)
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