Equity in STEAM: How can we make all students feel that they can do STEAM?

On the 18th of April 2018, the seven European institutions who conform the STEAM4U partnership shared their journeys and learnings in the promotion of equity in STEM. The workshop started with a plenary session in which the STEAM4U framework was presented and each institution introduced their work and their main outcomes. After all, two parallel workshops were carried out in which participants were provided a space for reflection and analysis of their own educational initiatives and co-construct strategies to raise equity by promoting young people feel that they can also do STEAM.

In this page you would find the information of the event, as well as the materials used in the workshops.

  • The STEAM4U event: How can we make students feel that they can all do STEAM?

Working materials of the STEAM4U event

Canvas for the co-creation

Strategies for the promotion of self-efficacy

Practical information about the STEAM4U event


CosmoCaixa Barcelona

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18th of April


17:30 - 20:00

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