The objectives of the STEAM4U project

The STEAM4U project pursue two main objectives:

  1. Improve existing educational strategies -in current formal and non-formal learning environments- that promote the improvement of self-efficacy in STEAM for all students aged from 10 to 14 years old. This action, in turn, pretends to:
  • Identify and characterise current educational strategies with potential to increase self-efficacy
  • Enrich such educational strategies and propose new ones for the promotion of students’ STEAM self-efficacy via the articulation and implementation of feasible challenges;
  • Evaluate the affordances and limitations of the identified and proposed strategies for enhancing students’ self-efficacy.
  1. Develop and offer to all stakeholders different tools and guidelines for the promotion of self-efficacy in STEAM. Specifically:
  • Elaborate a toolkit for assessing the promotion of self-efficacy in STEAM education for diverse initiatives;
  • Offer to students of ages 10-14 and their families, empowering resources to know about self-efficacy and its effect on their life choices.